Gari, it’s basically pickled ginger (sushi)

Gari, it's basically pickled ginger (sushi)
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What is sushi Gari?

Gari are thin slices of pickled ginger. Commercial Gari is usually colored pink, and sometimes can be obtained in its original color – yellow, as the inside of ginger is.

Gari is served with every meal of sushi. It is usually consumed between different sushi dishes, or sushi piece in order to cleanse the palate, and not as an integral part of the sushi piece.

It is a common product to find in Asian markets in various sizes. Not much of it needed for one meal of sushi, so the smaller packs/jars are usually the ones taken. Also, Gari can be prepared at home. Following this introduction, is a video guide on how to make gari at home, and suggestions where to buy Gari online.

How to Make  Pickled Ginger (gari) at home

Tired of getting you pickled ginger in a can? Had enough of the awful aftertaste of food preservatives?

It’s probably time you learned how to make your own pickled ginger (AKA Gari).
As this video explained, pickling ginger is an easy task that any sushi fan should be able to perform himself, why can’t you?

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