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Making maki sushi

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In order to make a fine japanese sushi roll (or nigiri) you don’t need to go through five years of fish cutting studies in Japan, neither you need anyone telling you that your first time ever sushi looks more like a sea cucumber in rush hour out of the water. What you do need is some goodwill and a good guide to help you through those rough times.

Sushi Grade Fish

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What is ‘Sushi Grade’ fish? Sushi is a healthy meal when prepared and served properly. When serving raw fish in Sushi or Sashimi, make sure the fish product is safe to eat raw. This is commonly stated by the supplier as “Sushi safe” or “Sashimi safe”. If the packaging does not state it, consult your […]

How to make Nigiri sushi?

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How to Make nigiri sushi 1.”Shape the rice” With your hand wet, grab about 20 grams of shari rice, and shape it to a long, oval from. The rice is going to be the base for the fish to lay on, so the bottom should be flat, and the top could be more rounded. The […]

Inside out sushi rolls

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About inside out sushi The inside out sushi roll (or Uramaki, 裏巻), is more common in the west than in Japan and is very popular in western sushi bars. What makes the inside out roll unique is the fact that rice is in the outside and the nori is on the inside, wrapping the filling. […]

Spicy Mayonnaise

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Why do we like spicy mayonnaise so much? Spicy mayonnaise sauce goes great with spicy tuna and other spicy sushi rolls. The hotness of the chilli spices the sushi with an entirely different kind of hotness than that given from the wasabi and mayonnaise contributes to the juicy fatty level of things. Alright, let’s make […]

Sushi sandwich

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How to make a ‘Sushi Sandwich’? 1.”Break point” Take a nori sheet, and break it down the middle. If it doesn’t break easily, it’s either old, or not such a good brand of nori to work with. Place the nori sheet on the dry cutting board with the rough side of the nori facing upwards. […]

Tempura shrimp sushi

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This page redirects from here.   The tempura mix First things first, let’s start with the tempura mix. The tempura mixed can be made from scratch, or using an instant tempura powder. This recipe uses instant tempura powder. If you are interested in being less lazy than I am, there is a good recipe for […]

Choosing a Sushi Knife

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Choosing and Care of Sushi Knives By Grant Carter from When it comes to choosing a set of sushi knives or one knife in particular, there are many choices out there! One may be interested in a knife for a sushi-making class or for a sushi party, or perhaps interested in becoming a professional sushi […]

Temaki (cone) sushi

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What is temaki sushi? The temaki sushi is rolled by hand, so there is no need for a rolling mat, and its final shape is the cone, so there is no need for a knife either. Ingredients for 6 sushi cones 3 nori sheets, cut into half A cup of vinegared rice 180 grams of […]

Top 5 Sushi fish sites

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To make sushi at you will require fish that is Sushi Grade. We have reviewed 5 online stores you can purchase Sushi Grade Fish from, and compared prices and service for you. If want to learn more about what qualifies as “Sushi Grade“, please follow the next link to our article about “Sushi Grade Fish”. […]

Sushi Pizza

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There’s a first time for everything And here is my first attempt at making a ‘Sushi Pizza’. Disgusting?! Brilliant? Share your thoughts below.


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8 Sushi rolls recipes without raw fish 1. California Roll The ultimate best seller among home making sushi fans. This roll contains avocado and crab sticks imitations – usually made of cooked fish Surimi. The roll is sometimes coated with fish roe like in the picture above. This roll is far from being a vegetarian roll, […]

How to make Gunkan maki sushi at home?

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About Gunkan maki The Gunkan-maki sushi is a lot easier to make than classic or I/O sushi. The following flash illustrated guide will show you just how easier. Ingredients Gunkan maki Servings: 8 units. Preparation time: 10 min. Properly prepared sushi rice (more) Nori Fish roe. Either: Tobiko (flying fish roe), ikura (salmon roe), kazunoko […]

Cucumber Cutting

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How to cut a cucumber for sushi Why do I need a guide for cutting a cucumber? Because making sushi requires a certain amount of precision as to how you cut your vegetables. And carrots are very difficult to handle in this respect. For that reason, over the years, sushi makers have developed a cucumber […]


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What is tamago? Tamago is the Japanese omelet commonly used in maki, nigiri and Temaki sushi. Unlike a regular omelet, the tamago is made with sugar, soy sauce, and mirin added. Furthermore, it is fried by a very unique method, as explained in the following guide. Tamago is very easy to make, and easy to […]


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What is wasabi? Wasabi, also known as “Japanese horseradish”, is a hot Japanese spice root and an important member of any sushi table. Some like to mix it with soy sauce bowl for dipping, and some prefer to place it directly on the sushi just before they eat. For more information about the origin of […]

Using Chopsticks

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How to use chopsticks? So, you want to know how to eat with chopsticks? Then you are in the right place! Although many believe that eating with chopsticks took place for the first time in China as part of some cultural development, we at MakeMySushi think it was actually invented by a group of yuppies […]

Best Sushi Making Kit for the Sushi Lover

Best Sushi Making Kit for the Sushi Lover

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If you are a sushi lover, but a bit on the conservative side, you may be in search of the best sushi making kit. There are several reasons why you may want to buy a sushi kit. The thing is, dining out can be really expensive and to get really good sushi, may require you […]

Carrot Cutting

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Cutting Carrots for sushi Why do I need a guide for cutting a carrot? Because making sushi requires a certain amount of precision as to how you cut your vegetables. And carrots are very difficult to handle in this respect. For that reason, over the years, sushi makers have developed a carrot cutting method, passed […]

Wasabi Octopus

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Why shape wasabi like a sea creature? Because shaping it like a sushi roll won’t be that original now would it? Besides, making a tasty roll is only half the job, you gotta make it look good. Of course there are many ways to make your sushi plate look a bit more original and attractive, […]

Rolling Mat

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The sushi rolling mat (or Makisu) The sushi rolling mat can be very useful, although, with some experience you can do without it. The rolling mat is used to maintain even pressure from all sides of the sushi roll while rolling it. When used to make an inside out roll, the mat needs to be […]