Epic sushi roll (with bacon)

Epic sushi roll (with bacon)

Word from the author:

"Which do you like better, bacon or sushi? From now on you no longer have to choose! Introducing the Epic Sushi roll: Deliciously filled with cream cheese and avocado and wrapped with smoked bacon on the outside. Simply awesome."

(3.8 / 5)

1) Nori

Take one ‘Nori’ sheet, and split it in half along the longer side, and place it on a plastic wrapped bamboo mat with it’s rough side facing up.


2) Riceball

Wet both your hands and take a handful of rice. How much rice you want to use is really up to you, here’s about how much I used in the picture below. Make the rice into a nice ball – don’t squeeze it though, and place it on the nori.


3) Ricing around

Gently spread the rice around to cover the entire nori equally. Don’t press the rice down, it’s supposed to be fluffy and about half an inch high.



4) Bacon time

Put the nori and rice aside on a plate, and align the bacon strips on the bamboo mat. Make sure you use as much bacon to cover the full width of the nori (you can use the other nori half to measure). Make sure the bacon strips do not overlap. That way it’s easier to cut the sushi roll when you are done.


5) Piggy blanket

Now bring back the nori with the rice, and place it over the bacon strips, rice down.


6) Fillings

Oh yea, cream cheese is on. Not in the picture is the slices of avocado to be placed alongside the cheese line. Use as much of it as you like.



7) Roll

Roll this thing like you would roll any other inside out sushi roll. Give it an extra press, lift up the mat and behold!



8) Ta-Dah!

Cut the roll into 6 to 8 pieces. It’s best to cut in between the bacon strips, so you end up having as many pieces of sushi as bacon strips used. In this case I used 6.