Swimmer’s roll – Sushi recipe

Swimmer's roll (Tuna sushi recipe)
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How to make the Swimmer’s roll

Cut the fish

First thing first, wet need to prepare the fish. This is a tuna sushi roll after all. Take as nice cut of tuna, and cut thin slices or if it. Depending on your skills, you should try cutting the tuna about 5mm thin.


Line ’em up

Line the slices on your working area, in this case: my cutting board. Make sure the slices lines up next to each other are as wide as a sheet of nori for the next step.



Take a nori sheet and cover the tuna slices with it. This is also a good time to move the whole thing to the bamboo mat, which is already covered with Saran tape.


Rice to the top

With your hands wet, grab a handful of rice and shape it to a ball. Place in the center of the nori sheet, and start spreading the rice around to cover the nori equally.



Line up a few prawns depending on prawn size. I used five, you can use more if needed.



Yes! Two thick slices of avocado will be just perfect right here. You can use less than I did, I simply love avocado.



Roll it like you would any inside out roll. If you are not 100% sure how do that, check out our inside out filling guide.



Cut the roll in eight pieces. Stay by cutting the roll right down the middle. Then cut each half in half, and then again each fourth half until you are left with eight identical size sushi pieces.


Final steps

All that’s left now is to put the sushi on a nice plate, and maybe top it. Here I used both ikura and chopped green onions for the topping. That looks great and tastes even better than it looks.


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