Company Roll Recipe

Company Roll Recipe

Word from the author:

"Called this one "Company Roll" because it has two different toppings. And three's a crowd. It's a great looking roll that 'has everything', great for those who can't easily choose just one thing in their roll."

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The Company sushi roll

This is a brilliant sushi roll with everything sushi fans love, in and on it. So what is it? Basically, prawns and avocado on the inside, with both salmon and tuna on the outside, topped with ikura for the looks and flavor.

Let’s start making it!

Drop the ball

Take a nori sheet and cut it in half. Place one half on top of the bamboo mat with the rough side facing up. Store the other half in a dry place for the next roll. Wet your hands with water and grab a handful of rice from the rice tub. Form the rice into a ball, and “drop” it at the center of the nori sheet.


Spread the rice around the nori so it covers it equally. There is no need to press the rice down, just spread it around. Now flip the nori so that the rice is facing down.

Next, we are going to line up the roll filling.

You fill?

Got your avocado sliced up and prawns washed up? Brilliant! Let’s line ’em up. As you can see I used very thick slices of avocado, that’s just the way I like it. As for the prawns, if I made that roll now would place them “tail into tail” to avoid the extra space between them.


All lined up? great. Now it’s time to roll.


Let’s Roll

If you got all the way here, you probably know how to roll sushi by now. Just in case you are not 100%, have a look at the animated GIF below. The sharp eyed among you may notice it is from a different recipe page (Spicy Tuna actually), but it’s the same trick.


Lift the mat with your thumbs holding the sushi filling with your fingers and close the roll. Tighten the mat on the roll from the ends towards the center (to avoid squeezing the filling out)  and open a flap in the mat. Push the mat forward so rolling the roll inside the mat, and tighten again. Repeat a third time if required and you are done!

If you are still not sure about this part, have a look at our inside sushi making guide.

Getting to the top

This is my favorite part, topping up. First prepare wide and thin slices of tuna and salmon. You can see below my cutting is, well, far from perfect. I’m using a regular kitchen knife here, but a long fish knife would have helped making cleaner and nicer cuts.

salmon slices

tuna slices

Next, you would want to place the slices on top of the roll we just made. Try to overlap them a bit, but not too much – half a centimeter overlap will do the trick.

wrapped up sushi roll

Yes, big big slices, that looks great! Now use the mat to tighten the fish slices to the rice. Tighten well so it doesn’t fall off when you cut the roll in just two seconds. Pressed again the rice, the outside of your roll should now look something like the below.

pressed sushi

Cut to the point

You are almost there. Now it is time to cut the roll into pieces. Usually 8 or 6. Depends of you are keeping the end or not. I usually do.

cutting the company roll

If you are having trouble cutting the roll without everything falling apart, there is a trick that might help. Try placing a saran tape on top of the roll, tighten it with the rolling mat, and cut through it. That usually helps a lot.

In any case, when cutting the roll it is important to keep the knife clean and wet in between cuts. That really helps.

company roll perfect

Closing thoughts

Ikura is the perfect top-topping for me, but you could also try black sesame, chopped green onions or anything that come to mind. You could touch it with some teriyaki sauce, that wouldn’t hurt I’m sure.

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