How to make Nigiri sushi?

How to make Nigiri sushi?
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How to Make nigiri sushi

1.”Shape the rice”

With your hand wet, grab about 20 grams of shari rice, and shape it to a long, oval from. The rice is going to be the base for the fish to lay on, so the bottom should be flat, and the top could be more rounded. The sides should definitely be a bit rounded.

2. “Cut a Slice”

As already mentioned, nigiri sushi topping can vary, but the basic form is “plain” salmon nigiri. So if it is salmon or tuna fish nigiri sushi you are making, the following measurements should be just fine.

Take a slice of fish, about 1 cm thick, 5 cm long and 3 cm wide. If the piece of fish you are cutting from is smaller, and does not allow you to cut such a slice, try slicing it at 45 degrees, it will allow you maximum “fish surface”.

Take a pea-sized portion of wasabi, and smear it along the middle of the fish slice. The wasabi will help the slice glue to the piece of rice, to form a steady nigiri sushi.


3. “Sushitrons – form a nigiri sushi!”

Now it’s time to place the slice of fish, with the wasabi side facing down, on the rice. Lay it gently on the rice, and then press it firmly to stick with the rice. You might want to use the other hand to hold the nigiri sushi from the sides while pressing it from above, to avoid “rice loss”.

“So, how can I start…?”

Well, the best thing is to get sushi equipment and ingredients to start with. Check out our sushi e-Store, for sushi kits and more. You might also want to know how to prepare sushi rice, or to read more about sushi grade fish for your sushi roll.