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If you reached this page then you are interested in knowing a bit about me, the author of this website. yweil

My name is Y. Weil, and I’m passionate about sushi, web design, programming and web UI. I try to combine all of these passions into this website. At the moment, I hold no formal training in nutrition science or culinary. I was however working as a sushi-man for local bar in the town where I grew up, and have been studying sushi making ever since.

This site is aimed to help my fellow sushi fans with their first steps in sushi making. After learning the basics of the basics from this website, you might want to proceed to a higher level of sushi education by reading more advanced materials or attending relevant classes and workshops. You can find book recommendations on our online store.

I hope you enjoy this website. If you want to make a remark or suggestion regarding this web site, or if you feel a bit lonely, feel free to drop me a line at the bottom of this page.

Anata no tomo,

Y. Weil

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