Salmon Skin

Salmon Skin

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"Salmon skin is a classic! It's crunchy, delicious and helps you make sure nothing is going to waste!"

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Salmon Skin

Salmon skin roll
Taken by coffeefloat

Making the roll

The following recipe is suitable for both classic type rolls and Inside Out rolls.

First thing we do is making the tempura. This is easy, really – just mix some tempura powder with water, not too much though – it should be thik enough to be sticky. After 1-2 minutes of mixing, the tempura is smooth and ready.

Now you gottaseperate the fish scale from the skin. You simply slide a sharp knife over the skin in a 30 degrees angle – against the direction of the fish scales. When done, dip the skin in tempura, get a good cover – and fry it in deep, hot oil for about 20-30 seconds, any more is simply overcoocking the skin.

All you gotta do now is roll it in your favorite way – cut it to pieces, and serve it with the best brand of soy souce you can find. Trust me here – this dish is much more tasty and impressive than it is hard to make.