Pi day sushi

Pi day sushi

Word from the author:

"Here's a fun idea for sushi you can make next March 14th."

(4.5 / 5)

With everything going around in the world right now due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I completely forgot about Pi day (3.14). Exactly one week later I figured better late than never and made an attempt to create, well, this.

Pi day sushi

Experimenting with both tuna and cucumber, the tuna proved slightly more difficult in generating a clear Pi shape. You would require a bit of imagination to identify the Greek letter in this case. It did taste quite good nonetheless.

The better choice did prove to be cucumber. Being able to cut straight hard blocks of it allowed a much more identifiable shape eventually.

How does it work?

I used half a nori sheet lengthwise to produce a think roll – enough to hold a pi. First covering the nori with rice, and then adding the slices of cucumber in order adding a bit of rice in between making one of the “pi legs” in a tiny bit of an angle outwards.

Pretty, pretty, pretty good

I’m quite happy with the end result I got with the cucumber roll. Hope by Tau day (that’s twice pi day) we have all long forgotten about COVID-19 and world feels normal again.