Boston sushi roll perfect recipe

Boston sushi roll perfect recipe
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Boston roll recipe

Before attempting your first Boston roll, you should be able to make a basic inside out roll. Check out our “How inside out rolls” if you’re not sure how to do so. The Boston sushi roll is perfect for those who don’t care much for raw fish. The main ingredient is cooked shrimp, so this sushi roll is easier to make and is safe for pregnant women to enjoy.


Yield: 2 sushi rolls.

How to make a Boston roll

    1. Wrap your bamboo mat with plastic wrap. This is will prevent rice from sticking to the mat and to allow easy clean up between rolls.
    2. Take a nori sheet, and break it in half. If it doesn’t break easily, you can toast it for a few seconds or use scissors to cut it. Place one half on the mat, with the shiny side facing down. In this example I actually used the entire nori sheet to get a larger roll, although it’s more common to use half.
    3. Grab a handful of prepared sushi rice, and spread it gently over the nori – about 1 cm high. There’s no need to press the rice down onto the nori, only spread it to cover the sheet. Cover the entire sheet with rice keeping it fluffy, no pressing!
    4. Sprinkle 1-3 spoons of Masago on top of the rice, make sure to spread it as evenly as you can. This is not always an easy task since the roe tends to stay together.
      roe rice with roe
    5. Flip the nori so that the rice is now facing down.
    6. Line up the shrimp along the close end of the nori, and next to it place 1-2 sticks of cucumber.
    7. On top of the shrimp line up 1-2 thick slices avocado, the more the better!
    8. Tip – if you’re not serving the dish immediately, you might want to squirt a few drops of lemon on the avocado, to prevent it from turning brown.
    9. Roll it inside out. You can find detailed instructions on how to roll inside out sushi here.
    10. Cut into 8 equal pieces. For best results first cut in half, then cut each half into two, and then again. Make sure to wet the knife with each cut to make the cuts smoother. If you find it difficult to cut the roll without everything falling apart, you might find it helpful to put  piece of plastic foil on top of the roll to hold everything together while you cut.

boston roll sushi

Bonus stage – You can also make maki boston rolls, like these:
boston-maki-1 boston-maki-2 boston-maki-3

Best served with soy sauce, pickled ginger (gari) and wasabi.

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