A bakery has created a sushi croissant

A bakery has created a sushi croissant

Can you guess what the new food sensation is? I know that many of you will get it wrong…..It is sushi croissants! I can imagine the look on your faces as you try to imagine how it tastes and smells. Well, the croissant is for those who are courageous enough to take their taste buds on a wild trip; the people who enjoy the thrill of trying out new treats.

Sushi croissant


Creative bakers at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse came up with this sushi croissant which they call a ‘California croissant’. The croissant is a baked pastry which is stuffed with seaweed, wasabi, smoked salmon and ginger.

(Picture: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse)

Is that a crime?

While there are people who explain their encounter with the sushi croissant as ‘love at first sight’, there are others who do not see the need of having a ‘fish’ croissant. Some have not tried out the croissant and are only against the sushi croissant because they think that it has a disgusting taste.

(Picture: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse)

Don’t judge before you try!

Well, I love fish; you hate fish….and that is how varied our opinions about the taste of food is. Why don’t you get over your fear; be courageous enough to try out this new sensation and share your experience. Do a taste test and tell us what your taste buds have communicated to you…

Tell us about your ‘sushi croissant experience’!

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