How do you store leftover sushi rice?

How do you store leftover sushi rice?
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Sometimes, it has to go (in the fridge)

You have just finished making all the sushi rolls you wanted to make – but some sushi rice was still left over. That happens. Usually, the best thing to do is cover the rice with a wet towel in room temperature and consume within hours from preparation.

However, if you have to store rice for more than a few hours, it is best stored in the fridge. When you are ready to use within a few days, the rice may be cold and drier than before. Don’t worry, here is a way you can revive refrigerated sushi rice to taste and feel like it was made just now.

Don’t leave it dry

One way you can reheat and re-hydrate the sushi rice is using a stove-top, pot, a bamboo rolling mat.

Simply put the rice on straight on the bamboo mat and right on top of a pot with boiling water for 10 minutes (on low heat). This should bring new life to the rice. For best results try to close the ends of the bamboo mat around the rice pile where possible.

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