Your Instagram followers could be worth sushi!

This Sushi bar will hand you all you all the sushi you can have if you shared it to enough followers. Black mirror is here.

If you happen to have 100k followers or more, and just happen to be in Milan, a sushi bar called “This Is Not A Sushi Bar” will offer you a free sushi experience just for sharing according to a report by the Telegraph.

If you don’t have 100k followers that’s okay, they might still have something for you. The owner even has a list of what different account fellowship can get you.

Having 1,000 to 5,000 followers will get one free plate of sushi or sashimi , having 5,000 to 10,000 followers will land you 2 free plates, 4 plates if you have up to 50,000 followers,  and 8 free plates if you have up to 100,000 followers.

However the grand prize, for having shared to an audience of at least 100,000 followers is a free all the sushi and sashimi you can eat experience. If you enjoined this article, please follow us on Instagram.

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