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What is wasabi?

Wasabi, also known as “Japanese horseradish”, is a hot Japanese spice root and an important member of any sushi table. Some like to mix it with soy sauce bowl for dipping, and some prefer to place it directly on the sushi just before they eat. For more information about the origin of wasabi check out wasabi on Wikipedia.

Wasabi products for sushi can be obtained in Asian food stores in the form of dried powder or ready to use paste, and used in very small doses (pea-sized or less). In order to fully enjoy your Wasabi – you should use the dried wasabi powder to produce your own fresh wasabi paste – the following guide will walk you through this simple process.

Let’s make some Wasabi!

Take out the wasabi

Since the wasabi powder needs to stay dry when kept in order to stay fresh – try carefully not to dent the can top when opening so, this way your wasabi can last for a long sushi making period.

Use a dry tea spoons (or pour gently right from the can as shown in the animation). 3-4 teaspoons should be enough for a sushi session depending on your personal wasabi consuming habits.



Add water

Add a small amount of cold water, about 1:1 ratio with the amount of wasabi powder you used and stir until a solid mixture is obtained. Now you need to gently balance the mixture with a bit more powder if you like your wasbi thick, or water if you want it to be thinner.



Now that the wasabi paste is ready – you can form it into shapes – try to be original and surprise your sushi guests!
Bon appetite!