Using Chopsticks

Using Chopsticks
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How to use chopsticks?

So, you want to know how to eat with chopsticks? Then you are in the right place!

Although many believe that eating with chopsticks took place for the first time in China as part of some cultural development, we at MakeMySushi think it was actually invented by a group of yuppies whose entire goal was making others feel bad about eating with a fork and a knife. Today you will learn how to join them.

Show me your hand

Reach for your right hand. If it looks nothing like the one in the image below – no worries, we are accustomed to these kind of situations.

A right hand

A right hand

Identify the fingers

Identify the fingers shown in the video below (click the “play” button on the top left corner). They will be of great use during this procedure.



Insert first stick

Grab the first chopstick in your hand, and place it in the root of your thumb, and also between fingers B and C – as shown in the video.


Insert second stick

Now pick up the second chopstick, and in a typical Japanese delicacy, place it between your thumb and finger B. It might be confusing at first, but there is no actual contact between the second stick and finger C.



Start chop sticking

Well you’re almost there! how does it feel? Alright calm down please, there is still one more thing left to do. Gently but firmly, tilt finger B to create a slight movement of the upper stick towards the lower stick until you gain contact, and then retreat. pretty groovy heh?


This is it, you are now one of those yuppies we talked about. Go on and impress somebody close to you with your new skills. If you think you are really good at this, try and grab a single piece of rice with your chopsticks. Got it on the first attemp? You must be a natural born chopsticks user.