Carrot Cutting

Carrot Cutting
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Cutting Carrots for sushi

Why do I need a guide for cutting a carrot?

Because making sushi requires a certain amount of precision as to how you cut your vegetables. And carrots are very difficult to handle in this respect. For that reason, over the years, sushi makers have developed a carrot cutting method, passed on from generation to generation, enabling the most novice sushi maker to cut carrots like a pro. Today you will learn that method.

The guide

End cutting

Pick up a carrot, preferably a evenly shaped one, and cut off the ends.


Split in half

As shown in the flash illustration below, cut it down the middle, length-wise, evenly. It is extremely important to maintain a straight cut in every step of this guide.



Split to layers

Take each half, and cut it down the middle, length-wise, to obtain 4 rectangular pieces, about 0.5 cm thick.


Split to sticks

Now that the hard part is behind you, get ready for the fun part. Cut each piece obtained in the previous step into sticks. The sticks should be of equal thickness.



Carrot “optimization”

To optimize your carrot sticks, it is best to adjust their length to that of half a nori. Then you won’t have to deal with cutting the ends of your roll with extra carrot sticks sticking out. Another carrot optimization tip is to boil the sticks for 3-4 minutes, to make them easier to cut and chew.