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8 Sushi rolls recipes without raw fish

1. California Roll

The ultimate best seller among home making sushi fans.

This roll contains avocado and crab sticks imitations – usually made of cooked fish Surimi. The roll is sometimes coated with fish roe like in the picture above. This roll is far from being a vegetarian roll, but

2. Spam musubi sushi

This traditional Hawaiian dish is so tasty and easy to make it’s silly.

3. Tamago sushi

Tamago? Oh yeah! It’s like an omelette really, only Japanese. Very much so. Check it out!

4. PLS roll (pate, lettuce, shrimp) recipe


Baby please, PLS is the best combination you can get without any raw fish at all. This sushi is awesome, so creamy and delicious. Just, just try okay?

5. Unagi

You either love Unagi or you hate it. If you don’t know for yourself yet, and like experimenting with food, this one is a must try!

6. Smoked salmon sushi

This is a very simple recipe, great for beginners. Smoked salmon is significantly cheaper and easier to come across than sushi grade fish so you can go wild with this one.

7. Epic bacon roll

Which do you like better, bacon or sushi? From now on you no longer have to choose! Introducing the Epic Sushi roll: Deliciously filled with cream cheese and avocado and wrapped with RAW bacon on the outside. Simply awesome.

8. Dragon roll

Plain awesomeness.