Top 5 Sushi fish sites

Top 5 Sushi fish sites
(4.3 / 5)

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To make sushi at you will require fish that is Sushi Grade. We have reviewed 5 online stores you can purchase Sushi Grade Fish from, and compared prices and service for you. If want to learn more about what qualifies as “Sushi Grade“, please follow the next link to our article about “Sushi Grade Fish”.

NameRatingSalmon CostShippingShipping costMinimum order
VCwso 9.8 $81.00 (2.25 lb)Across USA


Free with orders over


logo300x200new28.5$ 25.99 (1 lb)Across USA Free50$
ls8.2 $22.99 (1.1 lb)Across USA

 $14.99 (Super Saver)

Free with orders over


amazon_logo7.9 VariesAcross USAVaries
Luxe_logo7.5 $60.00 (2lb)Across USA

Free with orders over

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