Wooden rice bowl (or Hangiri)

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A hangiri is a cypress wood barrel/tub used in the sushi rice prepration process. Its main function is to make the rice cool faster due to its unique shape, and moisture obsorption ability.

Hangiris are pretty expensive, and that is probably why most home sushi makers prefer using a cheaper plastic bowl alternative. Basically, any non-metalic bowl is suitable enough for holding the rice while it cools, but nothing does it as well as Hangiri. A simple hangiri should cost around $25-50, while a professional hangiri like the ones used in restaurants cost a few hundred or more.

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-5 # Amy 2013-07-11 03:57
Are you sure you aren't secretly chatting with my boyfriend?? lol. He just ordered one of these a couple weeks ago but hasn't used it yet. At first I was perplexed of what exactly it was but then he explained it to me.
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-1 # joe 2013-04-14 06:14
nice1 m8
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-2 # Manu 2011-11-22 16:17
We sell hangiri bowls in UK and Europe, both for home use and for restaurant and they are especially designed by YourSushi!

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+2 # Charles Lottering 2011-05-31 22:21
Great tip Matthew. I'm also interested in getting into the Sushi making.
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+4 # John Moser 2011-03-14 21:08
Zensuke and Korin both sell high-quality Cypress hangiri: Zensuke sells a 30cm one for $90; Korin sells their 39cm for $90. Both hangiri are made in Japan for the Japanese market and imported to the US. The Zensuke 30cm and 33cm prove excellent for home use, handling 3 and 5 cups of cooked rice respectively. The 39cm gets into the 10 cup range.

$30-$50 pine hangiri are not worth it. Cypress has a high resin content, which protects indefinitely against dry rotting, cracking, and warping. Pine does not, and repeated exposure to water will eventually destroy the hangiri.

You must clean these immediately after use and put them upside down on a rack to dry, and store them as such (i.e. upside down, but not flat on a shelf; I keep mine on a wire rack shelf) to prevent mold growth. With this proper maintenance, a cypress hangiri will last nearly forever.

Over a plastic bowl, a Hangiri will produce much better quality sushi rice by absorbing excess moisture.
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0 # sushisushi.co.uk 2010-07-02 19:21
We sell hangiri bowls in UK and Europe, both for home use and for restaurant and they are a great tool!

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+2 # Luna 2010-04-04 20:04
Hello, I was jst wondering, how long does the rice take to cool of using this pot? Assuming it's just one cup of rice? Thanks for the info!
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