Tempura shrimp sushi

Tempura shrimp sushi
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"Shrimp tempura roll is actually my all time favorite - but it's no wonder. In my opinion the shrimp is the tastiest creature on earth and I've been eating a lot of it over the years in and out of sushi bars."

Tempura shrimp sushi

So you want to know how to make a shrimp tempura roll?

Good. Then you are in the right place.

Today we are going to make tempura shrimp sushi step by step with the help of some flash animation to give the ‘feel’ of making it, and before you notice you’ll find yourself craving for sushi as if it’s the only food on earth.


Take five fresh, large shrimp, and with a sharp knife cut off the tails(don’t cut too much though, no more than just the tail) on three of those shrimp. The remaining two are optional, I prefer to leave two with the tail on so that at the end the tails stick out of the roll. But if you don’t find that thought too attractive – go ahead and cut all five tails.




“Skewering around”

One major problem when cooking shrimp is they tend to shrink fast, and they tend to curl. Since we would like to have them straight to fit our roll – we are going to have to fry them on a skewer, as presented below:





It’s now time to make the tempura batter.
There are many ways to make tempura batter from scratch, but we are going to make it from pre made tempura powder (it’s basically a mixture of different flours). Making tempura from a bag is pretty simple – pure about one glass of powder into a bowl. Add similar amount of cold water. Stir until you get a solid mixture – not too thick, but thick enough to hold on the shrimp. Add water/tempura to get your blend prefect thick.




“The big dip”.

Get your “shrimp on a stick” covered with tempura any way you wish. You can pure it on, dip it, drown it – anyway you want as long is it perfectly covered with tempura at the end of the process.



“The deep fry”.

Deep fry the shrimp on a stick (now covered with tempura) for 2-3min until it gets brownish.



“Sticking out”

This is very important! You must remember to take the skewer out after frying, you don’t want to find out you didn’t too late!


“Roll it up, N’ cut it down”

The major part of this guide is gone through – the rest is to roll the tempura fried shrimp inside out or in any other way you prefer. This last stage is here to show you how to cut and present the roll if you did choose to leave the tails on those to shrimp from the beginning of this guide. In the movie the roll is cut into 4 pieces but normally we would cut it to 6-8.

Bon appetite!

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The tempura mix

First things first, let’s start with the tempura mix. The tempura mixed can be made from scratch, or using an instant tempura powder. This recipe uses instant tempura powder. If you are interested in being less lazy than I am, there is a good recipe for making tempura mix from scratch by  “go-japanese”.

For this recipe we will use 3 table spoons of store bought tempura powder, and 3 table spoons of ice cold water. It is important that the water is as cold as possible, so make sure to add a lot of ice to the water and let it sit for a few minutes.


With a spoon, add water to the powder in a ratio of 1:1. Add more powder or water to change the texture of the mix if you feel needed. When mixing, mix very gently to keep the mix as flat as possible – try to avoid creating bubbles in the mix. It is okay if the mix is a bit lumpy, but a bubbly mix should be avoided.

The result should look something like this.


The shrimp (or prawns)

At this point it is important to clear out that you can use shrimp or prawns for this recipe – depending on which you prefer or simply what you have in your kitchen. So the recipe mentions shrimp referring to either shrimp or prawns.

In the next few steps we are going to clean up and prepare the shrimp before we can introduce it to the tempura batter.

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