10 Sushi making products you can’t do without!


1. Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers

Sushi rice drainer
Yes, exactly that! One of that most annoying things is to desperately watch grains of sushi rice go to waste when you talently try draining the water out of the bowl keeping the rice in. Well, from now on, you don’t have to! This genius sushi rinsing bowl will do the work for you.

2. Japanese omelette rectangular pan

Sushi Omelette pan
Ever tried making a rectangular Japanese omelette? Of course not, because you didn’t have this.

3. Musubi press mold

Sushi rice drainer
To make Musubi Sushi of course! It’s really simple, all you need is some rice, spam and a mold. A Musubi Sushi mold.

4. Real Wasabi

Sushi rice drainer
Well it’s sad but true. Most likely while you thought you were having wasabi, you were actually enjoying wasabi flavor horseradish. Which is fine I guess. But aren’t you curious to know how real wasabi tastes like (spoiler – waaay better).

5. Happy Sushi House !!!

Sushi rice drainer
Oh man. I’ve spent an entire saturday afternoon doing the entire kit with my youngest sister. It was a blast. The result was both sweet and beautiful. Highly recommended!

6. Fancy chopsticks

Sushi rice drainer
You’re not going to eat that sushi with your hands, are you?

7. Soy plate

Sushi rice drainer
Don’t tell me you are serving soy straight from the dispenser. Pfff.

8. Rice Cooker

Sushi rice drainer
It’s simply easier this way.

9. Bamboo Sushi Board

Sushi rice drainer
Just look at that..

10. Sushi boat!

Sushi rice drainer
The Titanic of sushi feasts, no meal is complete without one!

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