Sushi grade fish @

Sushi grade fish @
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One of the greatest challenges of making sushi at home is obtaining high quality sushi grade fish. If you live in the UK you are just in luck, you can get yours from

Let me tell you about my experience.

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I asked for some Salmon, Tuna, black cod and a jar of Salmon roe. The package arrived the next day in a “Keep cool” box with dry ice packs. As cool as it gets. I wasn’t planning on using it the same day so just popped it in to the freezer. The fish s good to store for months ahead.

The fish

After about an hour of defrosting in bowl of water in room temperature I took the fish out of the plastic bag. Exactly the cuts and sizes you need for making sushi. The smell and taste is “Restaurant quality” and exceeded my expectations. The texture was a bit too tender and not all of my slicings turned out perfect. Should have probably used a sharper knife though.















Bottom line

Sushi night was a great success, much thanks to the choice of fish. No doubt I’ll order again and try more of what has to offer. Here are a few photos from that night.




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