Rare Moo-Saki (by George)


Making the roll

The following recipe is suitable for Inside Out rolls.

  1. Start out by Pan Searing or even Foreman your Filet to your desire: rare, medium...
  2. place nori on rolling mat.
  3. Take cream cheese in a long slice and Cut your Filet in long thin slices, add 2 thin slices to the cream cheese and roll.
  4. Roll as inside out roll.
  5. If you feel adventurous add maybe add some horseradish instead of the cream cheese.




0 # Daniel Hardt 2013-07-28 01:13
Thanks for all the great tips and recipes! I love this site! I've gone a little out on a limb here and modified the 'Rare Moo-Saki' to include marinated tri-tip, a grilled scallion, and sushi ready shrimp or tuna filet. It's a surf and turf in sushi form. A smash hit with my friends and co-workers! Just thought I'd share. Thanks again!
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