Food blogs that I like

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You like food blogs?

Yea mee too, that's why I made a list of some of my favorite food blogs online. Enjoy!

Elementary Chef find out more than you can imagine on basic cooking
girl eats Hong Kong foods like you've never seen before
bake4me a photo blog of desserts recipes
Daily eats Different day, different foods
Wannabe TVchef Professional chef & food writer Kevin Ashton's blog
ChefsLine Cook live with professional chefs
The Cooking Diva A colorful food blog
My Life With Garlic If you are Italian by either roots or soul.
The yummy banana All bananas all the time!
(Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t Hot recipes from Peru and India
Eat ugly If you are looking for a BBQ or a spicy spicy sauce, this is the place!
The Rock 'n' Roll Kitchen

Insatead of describing this blog, I'm going to show you a picture from it, and a dialog attached to the post, I think it speaks for itself (click the picture to enlarge):

  Egg face
Fred: "I can't believe how dirty your cooker is Dennis. To be honest, I'm surprised you don't mind people seeing a photo of it".

Dennis: "Excuse me, I think you'll find I've been really busy over the last week, doing band stuff, playing shows...really busy, so keep your comments to yourself".

Fred: "I was only saying".